Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Isaiah Outdoor Photos

A friend of mine from back in college is starting her own photography business and is building her portfolio so she offered to take some photos of Isaiah for free, so we went over there tonight for a casual photo shoot. We had a great time and Isaiah had a lot of fun crawling around in the grass after her dog! He so loves dogs. I've posted the link to her website below so you can check out the entire shoot!


  1. Those are some wonderful pictures!! One of my co-workers said that you should get him modeling jobs because he is so cute! I was like "I know" :)

  2. Something tells me Evan wouldn't be so keen on that idea.

    The photos did turn out really well though, eh? :)

  3. He has such a happy demeanor - it's infectious when you see him or pictures of him - he just makes you feel happy! And oh my...so cute.


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