Thursday, August 7, 2008

The little things

I was reminded once again today that it is the little things that we do for others that seems to make the biggest impact sometimes. Something that seems so small and insignificant to us can end up being encouraging, uplifting, or even life changing for someone else.

After Isaiah's 6 month photos, I sent an email to Emily asking about when I might expect the proofs to be completed. She replied that she had fallen a bit behind, but that the order was in so it should be arriving shortly. Not thinking anything of it, I replied with this email.

Don't worry about "getting behind." You are a very busy lady, so I totally understand. You must be thrilled with how well your business is going though. God truly blessed you with an amazing talent and it must just be so exciting to be able to do what you love and have it be so successful.
Today at Isaiah's 9 month photo shoot, Emily and I were talking about how busy she has been with her business. Seven weddings this month and she's coaching gymnastics to boot. Girl is working her tail off and is burning out a bit. On my way out the door, I reminded her to try to take some time to relax for herself and to not worry about getting behind and to just focus on how well the business is doing. All of a sudden, she asked me to come behind the counter into her office. Posted above her desk was my email, printed out in lovely large script. She said, "Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I just read what you said and it always makes me feel better. It meant so much to me that you said that."
We both started crying.

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