Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to Work

It's official...I'm back to work! Yesterday was my first day back at school as a substitute teacher and Isaiah's first day at daycare. It was certainly tough for me, but we made it through that first day. I was the sub for the Physics teacher (with my infinite wisdom of math and science) and I had a really great first day back. My former students that I saw were happy to see me (most of them anyway) and it felt really great to be in school again. I had a real feeling like I truly belonged. At least I know that once all the kids we end up having are at school themselves, I can return to the career I love and know that it is the career I'm supposed to have. In the meantime, I'm going to continue to sub on Wed thru Friday until about mid December. Around that time, my former cooperation teacher will be going on maternity leave, so we're planning on me taking over her 7th grade English class until she comes back after Spring Break. I am really looking forward to that!!! We're warming Isaiah up to the idea of daycare with only the three days a week right now so that when it's time to go full time it isn't such a shock to him. Plus, I think I still need my Mondays and Tuesdays with him. Oh, and for those of you playing along at home, yes....I am still working my four shifts a week at the restaurant. Three jobs. I rock.

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