Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Bucky!

What a fun game!! We had the PERFECT weather for the Badger game today and, despite a very slow start in the first quarter where we were down 14-0, the Badgers came back to trounce Marshall by a score of 51-14!!! Never expected it to be a blowout after a very ugly first quarter, but it certainly was a good time. They can't expect to spot Big Ten teams 14 points and end up winning though. There's no way they can do that against Fresno State either or they will soon see themselves in trouble. It was so neat to be back in Camp Randall after a 5 year absence. So many things had changed, including the stadium itself, but the things that made me love going to football games as a student were still there: football, Jump Around, Varsity, football, Bucky, football, and football! I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for that Bucky though. He must have done something like 250 pushups before the day was out!

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