Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indian Summer

Isn't this weather AMAZING???!!! Hard to believe it's October when we've had these beautiful 75 to 80 degree days. As much as I love fall, it has been really great...if for no other reason than that we were FINALLY busy at the restaurant this weekend so I was actually able to make pretty good money this weekend. Ever since the new family restaurant opened in town, we've been losing an average of $300 per day and our tips have taken a serious hit since business has been so slow. Thank goodness so many people were in town to check out the fall colors because we got absolutely rocked all day both yesterday and today. It sure leaves me exhausted, but it's worth it when you make decent money.

Plans for Isaiah's birthday are coming along nicely. I've started talking to the the "powers that be" at the restaurant about the menu and I think I'm going to have Monnie make some of her awesome crab dip. It's super good with crackers. I think I want to opt for a bowl of yummy punch instead of soda though. Anyone have a good punch recipe (and a punch bowl!) they'd like to share?

Isaiah continues to be so close to walking. It's just ridiculous because I keep thinking that he'll just bust out the steps any moment and I don't want to miss it, so I'm obsessed with having the camera with video within arms reach at all times. He practicially runs along the edge of the couch using it for support and can easily "walk" back and forth between Evan and me if we're sitting on either side of the corner, but he just hasn't been able to move forward on his own yet. I'm kind of hoping that he gets it before his birthday so he can be walking for all his party guests. Got a great photo of Isaiah "flying" with Daddy tonight:

I've been dying to get those cute photos from the pumpkin patch into scrapbook layouts and I've been able to complete two of them the past couple nights. I got some great fall themed (and Halloween themed) items and I'm really pleased with how they look!

Such a Pumpkin

Pick of the Patch

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