Monday, November 17, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Ever have one of those weekends that seems to rocket by so quickly that you swear it was just Friday and suddenly you're going to bed on Sunday night thinking, "How the heck is the weekend over already?" The bright side is that these super-fast weekends always seem to speed by because you were so busy, hopefully doing cool things. That was the case with us this weekend. Saturday was a really fun, but busy day for me because I had to work for a friend Saturday morning, but was relieved of my duty an hour early to go to the Badger game! My buddy Serena has an uncle who didn't want to go to the game this weekend because it was going to be "too cold" so he offered her the tickets. Even though she could care less about football, she accepted, knowing that I would probably crap my pants when she invited me to go. She was right! After I changed my underwear, I made arrangements with Evan to watch Isaiah (don't worry....he gets to go to the game next weekend so it's fair) and off we went. It ended being one of the most exciting games I have been to and we had a great time. One of the fans in our row was ejected from the game for throwing peanuts so we even got to spread out a bit, so that was a bonus.

And yesterday we had our annual Fat Man's Thanksgiving celebration. It was at our apartment last year and we held it early in the month since I was due with Isaiah the day before Thanksgiving. This year, we had our meal over at Joe and Jess's house and the evening was not without its drama. We ended up waiting outside for the fire department to come because the carbon monoxide detector kept going off upstairs so Joe finally called 911. Better safe than sorry where there are wee ones in the house. Isaiah got to sit in the fire truck and the house was all clear of CO, so it ended up being all good.

Now today I'm in Waupun for Isaiah's 12 month photos and to do some visiting with family. Tomorrow will be his 12 month checkup with Dr. Baker ('s been rescheduled twice) so we'll finally get a concrete idea of exactly how much of a tank this kid actually is. So, after a busy weekend, I can look forward to a busy week as well. Can't say I'd really want to have it any other way.

Oh, and stay tuned for a fun little video of what Isaiah was doing in the bathroom this morning to keep himself occupied while Mommy put her makeup on. Classic stuff. :-)

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