Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dancing with Junior Asparagus

Here's Isaiah doing his morning workout to Veggie Tales!


  1. That does it. I'm buying the $400 set of all Veggie Tale movies. It's a better investment than the stock market. How in the world do kids just KNOW how to dance? :-) Could it be because Momma shows him how?

  2. hahaha soooooo cute! i wanna come dance with him!


  3. You should have seen it. He downright GROOVES to that CD! He totally loves it! And that was immediately after he woke up in the morning too!

  4. OK, if we're seeing an affinity to music at one year, I may have to feed this interest a bit. Hope he's ready for dancing when I come next Saturday. He knew what you meant when you said the word "dance"! And he was singing with it too! (Can you tell I've watched it several times?) I made Peg & Vick watch it too...and Howie...and Mom today at noon when I go for lunch...


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