Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Merry Christmas! Here we are in Waupun on Day 3 of our Christmas festivities and it's only Christmas Day! Big day ahead of us - brunch at 10:30, big meal at Grandma's at noon, and then another big party at another Grandma's tonight! Gotta love it though. I'm not feeling incredibly well this morning, probably something to so with the copius amounts of my mother in law's amazing alfredo that I ate last night. Oh my was sinfully good. I'm always going to be a chubby girl if I keep eating food like that, but it will have been worth it!

Speaking of such things, if you haven't heard, my sister in law is quickly becoming a super skinny HOTTIE of epic proportions. That amazing woman has been busting her butt at the gym several mornings a week and has pretty much completely given up sugar. I don't know which of those items I would find more difficult, but they're both pretty incredible accomplishments. She's already such a beauty, but she's rapidly approaching bombshell status. Way to go!!!!

As for our family, Isaiah has already made a haul this Christmas, which has me a little worried because I have absolutely nowhere to go with any of the stuff. Our basement is still a disaster and not even close to being ready for play and only slightly conducive to storage at this point. So, I'll probably end up storing a bunch of his presents in his closet until we actually have the space for him to play with them.

Christmas is such a joyous time of year, but it is also difficult for my family, as it reminds us of when my Uncle Jack passed away in 2006. We vaccilate back and forth between laughing and pausing to think about him. You can always see it in my aunt's and my cousins' faces when they are taking a moment to remember him. Although it's sad to remember that it was over Christmas that we lost him, we take comfort in knowing that my uncle trusted in God and in the little baby that was born on Christmas so many years ago. Now, Evan's family is going through something similar as his Grandmother is in rapidly declining health and the family is using this time at the holidays to say their goodbye's. Grandma Koerner is an absolutely amazing woman who is, in her own words, "on speaking terms" with the Lord. I know the family will miss her very much after she goes home to be with God and that the holidays will be that much more difficult in years to come. But, like my family does at Christmas every year, they can take comfort that they will be together to remember her every year and recall their love for her as well as for one another.

From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and travel safely!!!

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