Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

I officially hate ice. After the freezing rain that hit us on Saturday night, our entire area is still looks like it's covered by a sheet of ice. We ended up being stranded in Waupun Saturday night due to ice and still on Monday, the roads were not good. There were buses going in the ditch trying to get students to school! My personal tragedy started at 6:45 am when I managed to get stuck in our driveway as I was leaving for school. I was backing out of the garage and got distracted when I had turned around to give Isaiah his pacifier. Next thing I knew, I was stuck in the snow on the left side of the driveway. After spinning my wheels for a couple minutes, I called Evan, who was luckilly still at the gas station in Arena because I had left his tank empty the last time I drove his car! He came home and rescued me, but I managed to slip and fall 3 times before I was out of trouble. I fell once more after dropping Isaiah off at daycare and again when I went out to get the mail that afternoon. I hate ice.

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