Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Pacifier

Isaiah loves his Nuk. A lot. He loves it so much that when, on Thursday, he lost at daycare what I did not realize was his very last one, that he hollered and carried on. In a panic, I called Evan to pick up more. Unfortunately, like I have my favorite brand of wine (not right now, of course) and Evan has his tastes in beer, Isaiah is very particular about his Nuk and Walgreens does not have his Soothies. Our attempts to give him the imposter were futile and I ended up in the car on my way up to Sauk at 7:00 at night to retreive the one spare Nuk I knew the babysitter's "Isaiah bag." Pacifier aquired, I called Evan to announce triumpantly that "I have the Nuk!" What I heard in reply was not the screams of a little boy who refuses to sleep without his Nuk. Instead, I heard my husband respond calmly:
"Great. He's asleep."
Me: "Without his nuk?"
Evan (snickering slightly): "Yup."
Me: pause........"I'm going to hang up now."

Ah, parenthood.

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