Friday, January 2, 2009

Who's the Typhoid Mary?

After all my sentimental musings on the dropping of the ball at Times Square, I didn't even get to see it this year. Why? Because I was sick. Far too tired to stay up all the way to midnight, my butt was in bed long before the clock struck the New Year. Our house has been a den of festering disease this week so thank God it was Christmas break. Isaiah's been getting worse and worse ever since about Monday. Congested like crazy, snot streaming out the nose, and a nasty cough. Things really got bad last night when we couldn't get him to go to bed and he just kept screaming and screaming! As for Mom and Dad, I got sick Tuesday night. Started to feel a little icky in the tummy at about 9:00, but went to bed figuring it would just blow over. At about midnight, I started my worship service to the porcelin god and kept it up for the next few hours. I even had a towel bunched up like a pillow placed neatly next to the commode so I could doze in between my bouts of digestive pyrotechnics. After that kind of night, you can only imagine how my Wednesday was. I was completely useless and Evan really stepped up and took care of both a sick kid and a sick wife. I went in to work on Wednesday only to come home after an hour and a half because I was too weak to even walk across the restaurant without feeling faint. Not a good way to spend an evening. So, we went to bed early.

I did check my email that evening and discovered something very interesting. My mother in law had inquired as to whether any of us were sick. Apparantly, a whole bunch of people were either sick just before our last Christmas party last Saturday, or they got sick right after. My dear mother in law herself even came down with a 24 hour flu, as did the hostess of the party. Well, that explains it! Upon hearing of this new development, all Evan wanted to know was who the Typhoid Mary was that got everyone sick! Despite what he calls his "genetically superior" immune system, Evan was no match for this bug and fell ill last night. Unfortunately, it was also Isaiah's worst night all week and he was stuck helping me try to get the baby to sleep. He held Isaiah to try to calm him down and then while I gave the baby a warm bath, Evan went to conduct his own worship service, and then rejoined us to finally get the baby down to bed. It was quite the evening. He stayed home from work today and has been feeling gradually better throughout the day.

Dang that Typhoid Mary.

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