Friday, February 27, 2009

Impromptu Sleepover

My mom and I have gotten to spend some really great, unplanned, quality time together over the last couple days. She came over on Wednesday to look after Isaiah while I focused on getting a ton of school work done. I graded papers all day and got about 80% finished thanks to her assistance and Isaiah loved playing with Grandma all day. She left for home at about 5:30 only to call me about 30 minutes later saying her car had broken down on the side of the road on Hwy 60. I hopped in the car and, long story short, her car was towed with a broken axle and Mom became our house guest! Here we are on Friday and it's looking like we won't be able to retrieve the car from the towing lot until tomorrow, so Mom is probably stuck here until then. Luckily, this all happened when I didn't have school (I only had conferences Thursday morning) so I've been able to keep her company most of the time and she's been such a major help around here that my house has never been cleaner and I've been able to get in a couple naps! Thanks Mom! Hopefully the car will be repaired quickly, but I must admit it has been really nice having you around the past couple days.

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