Sunday, February 15, 2009


Every once in a while, I am suddenly smacked in the face with a horrifying fact. I'm really a selfish person. It's one of those mega-faults of mine that I try my best to just bury so I don't think about it and so I don't show it to others. The problem is, my marriage suffers because of it because, God bless him, Evan knows this fault and he is the one who is always getting the short end of my selfish stick. Here I am complaining about my work load and "I'm tired" and blah blah blah when he's been working just as hard to pick up my slack! He has to leave work early due to my work schedule twice a week and take care of Isaiah while I'm at work and then he has to deal with my cranky self when I come home tired. Not quite sure how he does it. I'm trying really hard to find a balance right now between all my responsibilities and I keep coming up short. I feel like I just can't spread myself thin enough to satisfy all the requirements, but in the end I wind up just being selfish anyway and taking what I feel I need over the needs of those I love. Guess I'm just feeling pretty down and pretty upset with myself.

Well, those essays on The Call of the Wild out on the kitchen table aren't going to grade themselves. Only 60 more to go before Midterm grades are due on Thursday!

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