Monday, March 30, 2009

Cake Batter and Pants Hat

I just uploaded some new photos to Snapfish and I really don't think a bunch of commentary is really neccessary. Enjoy the little appetizer here and check out "Isaiah's Room" on Snapfish for the rest!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twisted Ankle

Leave it to me to find a way to go out on my last day of long term subbing with a Bang! About 15 minutes before the end of the school day on Friday, I was walking to my desk to get a highlighter for something we were working on in our team meeting. I tried to turn the corner and stepped down on the side of my right foot with all my weight. To the floor I went! Ah, and to make the story even better.....I had to go to work in about 30 minutes! So, I went all night waiting tables with a twisted ankle and by the end of the night it hurt to tilt my foot to hit the brake pedal while driving. Luckily, Mikki asked if she could come in for me today and I took her up on it. My ankle has definitely swollen up since last night, but it's nothing in comparison to how bad it would be if it were sprained. It still hurts quite a bit, so I'm really not looking forward to my shift tomorrow, but I can't exactly stay out two days because of it. Tylenol, here I come!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We took a spur of the moment drive back to Waupun this weekend to take advantage of a rare day off of work for me and some very nice weather. We hung out at Grandma and Grandpa Possin's house where Isaiah got to do some serious exploring and did very well at getting plenty dirty! Next it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Kooiman's house where he got in a good nap before being whisked away on a whirwind adventure on Neevel Ave. He walked all the way to the playground, past Juniper Hill a couple times, around the house. Oh yeah, he got a workout that day! Hard to believe that he stayed away the whole drive back home, but he was watching WALL.E. Maybe we should only use the new car DVD player during daytime drives....note to self. All in all, a very fun day!



Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

March can be such a crazy month, can't it? On the upside, I am doing very well on my NCAA bracket and was even pleased to be wrong about my pick of FSU over Wisconsin. The weather is improving and the bulbs I planted in my flower bed out in the front of my house are actually starting to push up through the ground! I can't wait to see them because I typically have the kiss of death when it comes to plants, but so far these have survived. On the other hand, March can bring with it its own set of challenges. In my case, it has been my busiest month yet with all my jobs and the coming of spring always seems to make me start thinking about summer. And thinking about summer makes me think about the fact that we have a baby coming at the end of the summer and that we have done absolutely NO planning for that event as of yet. Is it crazy to feel like Baby #2 is already getting a bit of the shaft? At this point in my pregnancy with Isaiah, I had already picked out the bedding, started decorating the nursery, begun my stockpile of baby clothes and diapers, and completed the registry. We've just got so much to get done at the house that maybe I am tricking myself into thinking that the arrival of this munchkin is much farther off than it actually is.

Perhaps I had better stop typing before I begin to sound crazy. Too late? Dang.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Sunny Days...sweeping the clouds away!"

Yesterday's weather was beautiful, wasn't it? It was difficult to be in school all day when there was 70 degress worth of lovely just waiting on the other side of the window. The students felt it too, which made them extra squirrely. Isaiah did get to enjoy the day though. He played outside at daycare and went for a walk with his babysitter. When I picked him up after school, there was a definite rosiness to his cheeks! Once we got home, he was obsessed with being outside. He ran around the backyard, took two laps around the house, and then screamed like a banshee when I had to take him inside to eat dinner! So, I rolled his high chair out onto the porch to feed him out there. He ate practically nothing, but really enjoyed the outdoors. He must have played harder than I though because he started to get a little whiney around 6:30 and Evan held him in his lap for a bit, like he always does. All of a sudden, I looked over and that kid was OUT. Totally passed out by 6:45! Evan layed him down and we didn't hear a peep from him all night! If that's any indication of how he's going to sleep this summer, bring it on!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The countdown is on!

Oh thank goodness! I have less than two weeks to go before my tenure as a long term sub is OVER!! Don't get me wrong...I've enjoyed it very much. I am just very ready for a break! It will be really nice to have a week away from school, although admittedly I will be doing a TON of grading so I can get grades submitted before Trina's return. I do plan on returning to the regular substitute gig once Spring Break is over and Evan and I are also talking about planning a little weekend vacation for just the two of us for some well deserved R&R.

On a side note, Evan has gotten his hands on two more books on CD - The Two Towers and Return of the King. Nothing brought the death of radio to our family quicker than the discovery of the book on CD!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking to Trade!

I love my car. Really, I do! I have never driven anything other than a Honda Accord and I do really like driving them. My car has had little to no problems, it gets good gas mileage, and is fun to drive. The problem is this. It is going to get very small, very soon. With Isaiah's car seat in the backseat and a stroller in the trunk, I currently put all grocieries, Target bags, etc. in the other half of the back seat or in the front seat. This has been difficult when I have had larger items to stow. I have been having nightmares about how I'm going to maneuver things when there is Isaiah's car seat on one side of the backseat plus the infant carseat taking up the rest of the backseat, leaving me with only the front seat! And what if someone else is in the car with me? Where am I supposed to put anything?

These nightmares/musings have led me to the conclusion that I never in my younger years thought I would end up saying. I WANT A MINIVAN!!!

That's right. Judge me if you will. Tell me all about how you had two kids, three kids, maybe even five kids and you did it all with nothing but a Mazda two door hatchback and a bicycle. Go ahead. I'll listen. It is not going to change my mind though. I really want a minivan. Now, in "perfect world," I would find someone who was looking to rid themselves of their minivan because, oh...I don't know...., the kids are all grown up now and driving themselves so they don't really need it. What they really need is a low maintenance 2000 Honda Accord V6 with leather interior and a sunroof! Now that would be perfect! I could just trade these nice folks their 2003 or newer minivan (with LATCH....for the carseats, and preferably a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna!) for my Accord and everyone would be happy! Unfortunately, I think the odds of this are slim, so I'm trying to figure out other options. It's not exactly a great time to sell a car, but one of the secretaries at school has already asked if I am interested in selling it since she is looking for a car "just like that one" for her daughter who is getting her license soon. So, maybe all hope is not lost. The trick is going to be finding a minivan that meets my specifications in a price range that will keep our car payment in the same ballpark.

So.....anyone got a minivan they wanna sell me for cheap?

New Trick

The little one has come up with a new trick that he finds extremely fun. He has learned how to get up on a kitchen chair. He found out that if he pulls himself up on the seat of the chair, he can scoot himself up and then use the back of the chair to reposition himself into the sitting position. He finds it quite entertaining to be sitting in a normal chair like Mommy and Daddy. Now all we have to do is keep him from standing on the chair and/or climbing onto the table.
It appears he will be a climber. Let the fun begin.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Officially Crazy

Call the nice people in the white coats. I think I have finally and officially lost my mind. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. After all, what's one more job when you only have two already? No big can handle it, right? Sure!

We had our first rehearsal for the high school play today, of which I have accepted the role of Assistant Director. If all the ducks get in the correct row, I will actually be getting paid this time. Of course, this means that my schedule just got that much more busy. Am I officially crazy now? Have I legitimately lost my mind? I'll sleep on it. It's 8:20 and right about my bedtime. Good night....see you in Crazytown.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing "Boo!"

Ashley and Sarah came over this afternoon and although Isaiah had not taken an afternoon nap, he was more than up for some serious play time. Ashley and he quickly started playing a game that got him super excited and I captured a couple minutes of this delightful game on video. It can best be described as....well..."Boo!"

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