Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking to Trade!

I love my car. Really, I do! I have never driven anything other than a Honda Accord and I do really like driving them. My car has had little to no problems, it gets good gas mileage, and is fun to drive. The problem is this. It is going to get very small, very soon. With Isaiah's car seat in the backseat and a stroller in the trunk, I currently put all grocieries, Target bags, etc. in the other half of the back seat or in the front seat. This has been difficult when I have had larger items to stow. I have been having nightmares about how I'm going to maneuver things when there is Isaiah's car seat on one side of the backseat plus the infant carseat taking up the rest of the backseat, leaving me with only the front seat! And what if someone else is in the car with me? Where am I supposed to put anything?

These nightmares/musings have led me to the conclusion that I never in my younger years thought I would end up saying. I WANT A MINIVAN!!!

That's right. Judge me if you will. Tell me all about how you had two kids, three kids, maybe even five kids and you did it all with nothing but a Mazda two door hatchback and a bicycle. Go ahead. I'll listen. It is not going to change my mind though. I really want a minivan. Now, in "perfect world," I would find someone who was looking to rid themselves of their minivan because, oh...I don't know...., the kids are all grown up now and driving themselves so they don't really need it. What they really need is a low maintenance 2000 Honda Accord V6 with leather interior and a sunroof! Now that would be perfect! I could just trade these nice folks their 2003 or newer minivan (with LATCH....for the carseats, and preferably a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna!) for my Accord and everyone would be happy! Unfortunately, I think the odds of this are slim, so I'm trying to figure out other options. It's not exactly a great time to sell a car, but one of the secretaries at school has already asked if I am interested in selling it since she is looking for a car "just like that one" for her daughter who is getting her license soon. So, maybe all hope is not lost. The trick is going to be finding a minivan that meets my specifications in a price range that will keep our car payment in the same ballpark.

So.....anyone got a minivan they wanna sell me for cheap?

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