Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Sunny Days...sweeping the clouds away!"

Yesterday's weather was beautiful, wasn't it? It was difficult to be in school all day when there was 70 degress worth of lovely just waiting on the other side of the window. The students felt it too, which made them extra squirrely. Isaiah did get to enjoy the day though. He played outside at daycare and went for a walk with his babysitter. When I picked him up after school, there was a definite rosiness to his cheeks! Once we got home, he was obsessed with being outside. He ran around the backyard, took two laps around the house, and then screamed like a banshee when I had to take him inside to eat dinner! So, I rolled his high chair out onto the porch to feed him out there. He ate practically nothing, but really enjoyed the outdoors. He must have played harder than I though because he started to get a little whiney around 6:30 and Evan held him in his lap for a bit, like he always does. All of a sudden, I looked over and that kid was OUT. Totally passed out by 6:45! Evan layed him down and we didn't hear a peep from him all night! If that's any indication of how he's going to sleep this summer, bring it on!!

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