Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twisted Ankle

Leave it to me to find a way to go out on my last day of long term subbing with a Bang! About 15 minutes before the end of the school day on Friday, I was walking to my desk to get a highlighter for something we were working on in our team meeting. I tried to turn the corner and stepped down on the side of my right foot with all my weight. To the floor I went! Ah, and to make the story even better.....I had to go to work in about 30 minutes! So, I went all night waiting tables with a twisted ankle and by the end of the night it hurt to tilt my foot to hit the brake pedal while driving. Luckily, Mikki asked if she could come in for me today and I took her up on it. My ankle has definitely swollen up since last night, but it's nothing in comparison to how bad it would be if it were sprained. It still hurts quite a bit, so I'm really not looking forward to my shift tomorrow, but I can't exactly stay out two days because of it. Tylenol, here I come!

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