Monday, April 13, 2009


I love Easter! It seems like every year when Easter comes around, I am really pumped. I love going home to see family and I know they look forward to seeing us (at least, I hope they do), but especially I enjoy going back to visit our home church in Waupun on Easter. They really put on a rocking service and this year was no exception. What a way to celebrate our risen LORD! Edgewood has come a long way even in just the nearly 5 years since we've been married there and their mission as a church has been more clearly defined....and it shows. It is a very worship oriented atmosphere and I really enjoyed getting to celebrate Easter there yet again this year. Not to mention, Roger's sermon on being "religious" versus knowing the Gospel was wonderful and really gave me some ammo, so to speak, that I have been lacking when I have had some people lately say to me, "Oh, sorry. I'm just not religious like you," when they've said or done something they're afraid will offend me. We also enjoyed the rest of our weekend by celebrating Evan's birthday with his favorite pizza and spending quality time with family on Easter Sunday. Isaiah even enjoyed poking around in his Easter basket and got plently mad at me when I finally took it away - he was trying to eat his Reeses without unwrapping it! We are happy to be home and all the boys slept really well last night. In fact, Brian has yet to get up from bed today and it's almost 10:00! Me, not so much. I ended up on the couch again due to my coughing fits, but I'm hopeful it will pass soon. Today we have a checkup appointment for Isaiah and I think he has to get a couple shots, but I'm not sure. Tomorrow, Brian gets a haircut (finally!!!) and I have a prenatal checkup. When I went to the doctor for my cold on Friday I found out I had actually lost six pounds, so I am hopeful that I won't have to hear my doc get on my case about my weight this time! :)

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