Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Trip

I just got word today that I am going to need a passport. "Why a passport?" you might ask? Because I am being sent to China on business. I will be leaving May 22 and returning on June 5. I will be travelling almost the entire time. They need me to audit 6 probable vendors for our wholly owned Chinese plant.
But seriously, it is a good experience and always looks good if I am applying for jobs in the future.
It should be a very busy trip and I'll probably be offline for much of it. Sarah is more than a little bummed, but understands that I have to do it. She'll need a little attention from the rest of you since she will obviously get lonely in the house with only Isaiah for 2 weeks. I'm sure she will appreciate any visits.
Some of the stories that the guys have brought home from their trips over have been quite interesting. I should have my laptop by then and will see if I can post a few blogs about my experiences.

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