Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Spring Miracle

They're not dead!!! It's a miracle - I have managed to cultivate real, live, growing plants and I haven't yet killed them! Ask my mother. I'm like a Black Widow when it comes to plants. She gave me an African violet once. Dead in a week. A simple aloe vera plant that you only have to water once every blue moon. I killed it. I even managed to overwater a cactus to death. How does a person do that? It's a good thing I am much better at keeping people in better condition than plants or Isaiah wouldn't be the robust, healthy boy we have all come to know and love. In any case, I am blogging to celebrate the arrival of my gorgeous, thriving flower bed in front of our house. This past fall, my mother and I spent one of Isaiah's naps planting about 100 bulbs in that flower bed and I have been anxiously waiting all winter to see those first shoots pop up. Mom wasn't kidding when she said that flower bed would be gorgeous. It's not even May yet and I just have to brag about my flowers!
View of the whole flower bed from the front of the house.
Side view - standing in front of our door
Close up! I just love those blue/purple flowers scattered in there.

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