Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Albany, New York

Evan was kind enough to send me periodic text messages yesterday reassuring me that he was travelling safely out to New York. It's nice that he has caught on to my obsessive need to know he's ok! He had a layover in Detroit and then later landed safely in Albany, NY. We corresponded later in the evening via text again - since we don't have a nationwide cell phone plan, we didn't risk actually making a call - and he said they had a productive day, but couldn't find a good place to eat so they ended up eating nasty Chinese food. I found this kind of funny considering he will be eating nothing BUT Chinese food for 2 weeks straight later in the month!

Isaiah and I had a fun night at home together, but he definitely missed his Daddy. He woke up this morning saying, "Da? Da?" as if he were expecting to see Daddy come in to wake him up. Evan should be getting home late this evening, so he won't get to see Nugget before he goes to bed, but I know Isaiah will be excited to see him again on Wednesday. I know I am looking forward to Evan walking in that door, safe and sound, one business trip under his belt.

As far as the next trip, even Evan doesn't really know what's going on yet. He was supposed to be going out to California for four days next week, but apparantly the person who is in charge of scheduling the trip hasn't done so yet and is gone this whole week! Needless to say, Evan is somewhat annoyed. If they don't go next week, that means it would get pushed to the week after.....which is the same week he leaves for China on Friday. That would just plain suck.

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