Monday, May 18, 2009

Fat Man's Easter

Yesterday the boys and I headed up to Tomah, WI to Fran and Trisha's place for our annual Fat Man's Easter gathering. We also do Fat Man's Thanksgiving and Fat Man's Christmas and it is really nice to have at least those three times where were are committed to getting together as a group of friends. This year, Thanksgiving will be at our house since we had to call the fire department to the Schneider's last year, but that's another story.

Our Fat Man's celebrations are nothing fancy. Just good friends, good food, that there are kids in the picture....good times playing with them. Yesterday was a perfect day for this and Isaiah dove right in to playing croquet with the big "kids!" Click on the photo of Isaiah and his croquet mallet to visit the Snapfish gallery with all the photos from Fat Man's Easter!

Probably what struck me the most was how incredibly different my son is from Jess and Joe's daughter, Ali. Talk about two very opposite kids! She's only a couple months younger than Isaiah (born at the end of January), but their personalities are so different. Isaiah is very "go go go!" and never stops moving or talking. Ali is content to sit in her little camp chair with her purse of toys and her snack cup and watch what our crazy kid is doing. She started crying a couple times as a direct result of Isaiah, either from him playing with her toys, stealing her ball, or from whacking her over the head. Yeah, he got a time out for that one. She ate her dinner nicely, without a fuss. Isaiah hollered the whole time, begging to be given something different, and throwing his food all over the place when he didn't get his way. It wasn't until the last hour or so that the kids finally started playing together. They were ripping grass out of the ground and watching it flutter down to the earth. Adding sound effects made for a fun game and before you knew it, they both had croquet mallets in hand and were both playing together! Maybe I need to really make a serious effort to get together with Joe, Jess, and Ali more over the summer. I think it would really be good for Isaiah to be around her more so he can learn to play better with other kids. He's used to being the baby at daycare, so it would do him good to spend more time with a peer.

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