Thursday, May 14, 2009

Isaiah - 18 months!

My friend Beth recently posted on her blog about what her daughter is up to at 18 months. It was so cute to read that I figured I would copy her and post an update on Isaiah now that he is a whole year and a half old!

The toddler years have officially arrived! Isaiah is very active and has started to engage in focused play: putting blocks together to build towers, rearranging his animals in the barn, riding his train, throwing balls around. He is quick to get frustrated, however, when something does not go his way. If the blocks don't go together as quickly or in the way he would like, he rapidly holds it out to you and makes a sound like "Neyah! Neyah!" Not sure what he's trying to say, but he makes it pretty obvious that he is turning to you for help. He does the same thing when he struggles to spear food with his fork while eating. He insists on having a utensil like Mommy and Daddy, but he does need a hand every now and again.

Mealtime is an adventure in itself. Isaiah is typically a very good eater as far as quantity goes, but he shows no interest in eating veggies! I know....shocking right? If I just fed Isaiah pasta and chicken tenders 24/7 he would be a happy camper! I continue to offer him veggies and a variety of foods, but more often than not he will choose not to eat it. I have discovered the wonder of the dip, however! I mix up applesauce with a spoonful of plain yogurt, sprinkle in some wheat germ and raisins, and Isaiah will gobble it up. I even got him to eat some baked chicken fingers by showing him how to dip them! Woohoo!! Still exploring this possibility further......

Walking? Check.
Running? Check.
Climbing? Check.
Talking? Kinda. See the right column for a list of Isaiah's words. He's very good at gesturing and making an attempt at a word, but so far he really doesn't have a huge vocabulary. He does make it pretty clear what he wants though!

Things we are working on: Teaching Isaiah how to be a "big boy." This involves giving up his Nuk willingly once we're ready to get out of the car or when he wakes up, nipping meltdowns in the bud before they go completely nuclear, playing with the dog nicely (he still likes to try to rip hair out of Brian's tail), and next month - the BIG BOY BED!!!

I am very anxious to see what kind of temprament the new baby will have once he joins our crazy family. I can only imagine what a shy, reserved child might think of being surrounded by our boisterous bunch!

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