Friday, May 15, 2009

Jet Lag Recovery

One week and counting before Evan's trip to China. I honestly believe the thing he is most aprehensive about is the 14 hour flight that he will be enduring twice. I'm pretty sure he is planning on taking some kind of "knock you out" medication - NyQuil, Unisom - on the flight over there at least. I honestly do not envy him. The next thing that he's dreading is the jet lag he will experience after his return. He explained it to me this way while we were having lunch today:

Me: Will it really be that bad?

Evan: Let's put it this way. It's a 13 hour time difference and a 14 hour flight. So, an entire half day will have gone by as far as my body is concerned, but when I step off that will be as if no time as passed.

Me: Oh. Yeah, that would suck.

Evan: Um, yeah.

The people at work who have done this trip before say that the worst jet lag hits about a day or so after you return. Since he arrives back home on Friday the 5th, he is anticipating Sunday the 7th being a very rough day, which brings me to the help we need. I have to work that day, Sunday the 7th of June, from 8-2 and Evan would typically be more than happy to hang out with his son. However, if he finds himself in the midst of nasty jet lag, it is going to be very difficult for him to do so.

Anyone willing to come over and watch Isaiah while Evan recovers?

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