Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missing Daddy

Here we are on the morning of Day #3 with Daddy in China and the effects of him being gone are already starting to hit. My son has clearly noticed that Daddy is missing and is acting out because of it. The past two nights, he has been extremely difficult to put to bed, when usually this process goes pretty easily. He has fought me every step of the way and then when he finally does go to sleep, he wakes up in a fit of screaming hysterics, insisting on Mommy holding him. The only way I have been able to get him to go to sleep is to have Grandma Possin do it! What am I going to do if he continues this for the next week and a half? I'm going to be a very tired Mommy.

As for Evan, I am hoping he will get on here to post something soon. I spoke to him yesterday and they were safe in Shaghai and he had just woken up to start his day and fly (yes, FLY again) to their first stop on their auditing journey. Of course, this was at about 6:30 pm our time! The important thing is that he is safe and I look forward to hearing about what he is up to over there.

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