Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeking Summer Employment

So.....bad news. I needed a bare minimum of 15 kids to sign up for my summer school class to be held. I got 5. This isn't official just yet since I haven't received my letter in the mail that says, "Too Bad! So Sad! No work for you!" but nothing short of a miracle would save my class at this point. Long story short - I need a job.

"Can't you just pick up more hours at the restaurant?"

Good question! The answer to that is a resounding, "No." Here's why. We have a small staff of waitresses and 4 of them work there full time, with the same exact hours every week, regardless of season. The three of us who are part timers (me, a high school kid, and another woman) also have a set schedule. The problem is that if I were to pick up more hours, they would need to be taken from someone else. I certainly can't take them from any of the full time workers and just trust me when I say that neither of the other part time ladies will be interested in losing hours. If anything, they'll be looking to pick up as many as possible this summer also. So, that option is out.

I thought about applying to be on the house staff at American Players Theatre, but then I came back from Crazyperson Fantasy Land and realized that I will be in my third trimester of pregnancy this summer. There is absolutely no way that I will be able to lift heavy trash bags and such by the time the end of August rolls around. And never mind the fact that there is the hill to contend with. Just like that, APT was also out.

So, what does that leave me? Work at Culvers? A gas station? A seasonal restaurant in Wisconsin Dells?
Two things to consider arise with any option: 1. Where can I work comfortably during my third trimester? 2. Where can I work that will make it worth it to send Isaiah to daycare?

With those things in mind, I would welcome any genius suggestions for employment because right now.....I'm stumped.

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