Wednesday, June 17, 2009

18 Month Photos

Considering the fact that there will be a newborn in the house in 3 months (Holy Crap!!), I decided to get some 18 month photos of Isaiah taken. We went to McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg earlier in the month and my friend Jenn Van Wyk took some really great shots of him running around like the little crazy kid that he is. They are very casual photos, but I love them because they really showcase Isaiah's personality well. I just wanted to share a couple of my faves with you! I only chose three to upload here out of the 25 or so that I've managed to narrow down my choices to for buying prints, so there are a LOT more awesome shots. Please visit Jenn's website at to check out her entire gallery.....she's really talented and VERY reasonably priced!

Oh, and these photos are obviously PRE-buzzcut. :-)

Jenn, if you happen to stop by and read this, would you be interested in taking the newborn photos of Isaiah's baby brother this fall??

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