Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Boy Room

Nothing like a project to take my mind off of Evan being gone. Too bad that project involves assembling and moving furniture. Howie and Sandy were extremely helpful people yesterday! Sandy watched Isaiah while I was at work and Howie drove all the way to Baraboo to pick up the furniture I ordered for Isaiah's room. He then spent a good deal of time assembling the dresser and picked up a chair I purchased off Craigslist. Talk about a big help!! Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone and after they had left for the day, I started messing around with stuff.

I dragged Isaiah's dresser out of his room and emptied most of the drawers. I managed to get the recliner out of his room as well, but that took some effort because A: it was heavy and B: I had to turn it at a really goofy angle to get it through the doorway! After that, I proceeded to assemble Isaiah's big boy bed! I wish I had thought to take pictures, because Isaiah helping me was all too cute. There I was, squatting down by this frame, trying to get the suckers to snap together properly. I was making a "grrrr" sound and here comes the boy......squats down, pushes on the frame, and goes "GRRRRR!!" It was so freaking cute. Anyway, we got the bed put together, box spring, mattress, bedding and all! All it needs now is the headboard that I bought, but I'm going to wait for Evan to return and assemble it for me. Isaiah was immediately eager to climb up on his bed and play, but there was still more work to be done.

I brought in Isaiah's new chair (a cute little green glider) and his new dresser. Evan called when I was in the middle of wrestling with the chair and he thought it was pretty funny to listen to me try to talk to him, holler at Isaiah, and gasp for air all at the same time. When all was said and done, I ended up with a very full and chaotic start to Isaiah's big boy room and an office in a complete state of workable chaos. A good night's work! I popped a couple Tylenol and hit the sack. Pictures to come!

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