Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home At Last

Well, I'm finally home.

Here's what happened the last day of the trip. We were able to get a late start on the final day of the trip. Fortunately, the only thing we really needed to do was make it to the plane at around 4 in the afternoon. We decided to visit the DVD store first. While there, I was able to buy movies like Wolverine, Yes Man, and many others for about 75 cents apiece. I got quite a few. Hopefully they will all work at home but even if they don't it's not like they were a huge investment. I was also able to stop and buy Isaiah 6 or 7 shirts. Nothing like getting Ralph Lauren shirts for 5 bucks apiece. After that, we stopped at a Brazillian grill and had lunch. All the meat you can eat. Now that's my kind of meal. The food was excellent. With Japanese last night, Brazillian today, and Chinese for all the rest, I'm becoming feeling quite international. Sounds like a good time to go back home.

We got to the airport and everything went smoothly. It helps to be with someone who has enough points built up to get you into all of the First Class lines and lounges. Like Joe says, when you spend that much time traveling, it is all about making the little things easier. You don't have to wait in long lines, or sit in uncomfortable chairs to wait for the plane. Makes things a lot more easy. The plane came in on time, and here's a shock - it wasn't cancelled. Because it wasn't cancelled, we were able to sit in the seats that we reserved. We had 2 aisle seats and a window seat. These were in the economy plus section which gives you an additional 5 inches of leg room. As a taller person, I'll tell you that this makes all the difference in the world. Also, while most of the plane was pretty full, Joe and I were lucky enough to sit in the 3 seat section on the side of the plane and there was no one in between us. SWEET. It made the 13 hour flight (shorter because we had a tail wind) much more comfortable that the trip to China. However, 13 hours is 13 hours and it was a long trip. I was able to sleep a little on the way back which helped with the 3 hour drive back to Arena. By the way, did I mention that the half hour trip from the airport to my car at Joe's house was in a limo? Very nice.

I made it home around 8:30 and Isaiah was still awake so I was able to say goodnight to him.

I am happy to be home. The trip was a lot of fun (well, as fun as a business trip can be) and I got through it safe and sound. You can't ask for more than that. Thank you for reading about my trip and leaving the nice comments. Also, thank you for any prayers.

Finally, for those of you who were kind enough to help my wife and child while I was gone, I can't thank you enough. It was a tough time for them and your help was much appreciated.

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