Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My life rocks!

Honestly, I have it so good. My hubby is back at home and we've easily gone back to our usual routine, for the most part. He didn't really get smacked with the nasty jet lag everyone promised him, so that was very nice for both of us. I really think he's been enjoying how much I appreciate him being home since I have played up the Susie Homemaker role the past few days. I'm extra pumped today because I finally got to do a little scrapbooking! The office is "in transition" right now (translation: A MESS!!) as we are starting to prepare for the baby's arrival, so my scrapbooking stuff is all over the place, even worse than usual. I grabbed a couple stacks of photos I knew I wanted to get done and pulled bits and pieces that I needed and dragged it all out to the kitchen table. I had to do a lot of laps back and forth to the office, but eventually I succeeded in completing three layouts while Isaiah napped today! It's the little things that get me super-excited, I guess!

Layout 2 of 3: Once again, Blogger didn't allow me to post the pics for all three layouts I did because it kept rotating the first picture in a goofy way. I don't have the patience to monkey around with it, so I guess you just get to see this one! If your vision is excellent, you'll notice these photos are from March. Yeah, I'm a bit behind. Maybe that's why I was so thrilled to have completed these today! I still have a long way to go on this book to get caught up plus I am way behind in the baby's book too. It'll get done eventually!

Layout 3 of 3: I had been dying to scrap the photos of Isaiah from this past March because they were just so HIM. Running around, getting dirty, putting pinecones in his mouth, etc. Once spring started, that kid discovered how much he loves being outside!

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