Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Photos!

I went on a photo bender tonight and managed to get all of April, May, and June (all three days of it!) uploaded to Snapfish for your viewing pleasure. I sent out email links to those who are signed up on the group room list, but if you were left out and want to see said photographic masterpieces, please leave a comment or zap me an email and I will make sure you have access.
After Isaiah's bath tonight, we were playing around on his big boy bed and I got some really cute shots of him with his books. He doesn't actually let me read them to him yet. No way. He just enjoys pulling them off the shelves, paging through them for a moment or two, then tossing them aside and saying "Moh? Moh?" as he points to the shelf. He'll hardly be the child prodigy that can read an entire Dr. Seuss book before the age of two, but at least he's having fun, right?

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