Monday, June 29, 2009

Why do you think I'm still walking?

Sorry for the sudden blogging hiatus. Over the past six days, Isaiah and I kind of holed up in the air conditioning and rode out the heat wave, so to speak. Evan was in Indiana for four days on another business trip. This time, it was a training seminar on the exciting world of environmental auditing. Sounds thrilling, I know! He had a pretty good time, though, and he learned a lot. It was kind of weird.....after him being gone in China for 15 days, this brief venture to Indiana was barely a blip on my radar screen. I kind of didn't even notice he was gone most of the time!!

We're on the brink of transition here at the Kooiman house. At any moment, we could decide to pull his crib out of his room and officially give Isaiah a go in the big boy bed. What's stopping us? The fear of losing sleep! He's become such a good sleeper and I love it and I love my sleep too! I know it needs to happen sooner rather than later so he is all moved over and used to the big bed before the baby comes, but I am just so reluctant to start the process. I think Evan is too because I asked him to take the crib out of the room on Saturday and he "forgot."

Speaking of Saturday, I brought Isaiah to the Farmer's Market in Madison in the morning and he had a great time running around on the lawn around the capital.

He did pretty well for the majority of the outing, but he did get pretty sick of the stroller after a while. When we had completed our circuit of the Square, it was Isaiah's nap time and I really wanted him to sleep before I took him swimming, so I did what I had to do to get a nap out of that boy. That's right - I walked my pregnant butt up and down the entire length of State Street, pushing that stroller the whole time to make sure my little nugget stayed asleep. On my trek back up toward the capital, a man peeked into the stroller and commented with a smile that "he's fast asleep." I replied quickly with, "Why do you think I'm still walking?" He chuckled and commented that "You moms work so much harder than you get credit for. Bless you!"

After the nap and lunch, we headed to Ashley's apartment for a swim in the pool! Wouldn't it just figure that after a week of heat indexes around 100 degrees, we go on the one day that it actually felt chilly! We probably were only in the pool for 20 minutes or so, but I did get this short video of Ashley dunking Isaiah underwater for the first time!

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