Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Awwww.....I just got peed on!!"

Ah, the life of a Mommy. Isaiah was wonderful all day today, which was a much-needed treat after him acting like a total pill all week. He took two...count 'em...TWO naps of two hours each! I napped during his first one and scrapbooked during the second one (see the previous post). I got him all fed, got dinner started for Evan and myself, and then Isaiah and I went outside to play.

From the second Evan pulled in the driveway, that kid made a switch. Suddenly, he was whiney, clingy, and all around annoying! He was climbing all over me and wouldn't let me out of his sight or contact for a moment. I struggled to eat my dinner because he was insisting on trying to sit in my lap and between trying to keep the dog from eating off my plate and Isaiah from reaching for my glass of milk, I am just grateful I didn't have a mess to clean up. I tried to get Isaiah to go with Daddy to his room to get his PJs on, but he refused to leave my side without a fight. So, I gobbled up the last couple bites of my food and relieved Evan of a very angry little boy. Of course, wouldn't it just be my luck that I volunteer at the time that Isaiah has prepared a special treat - a diaper consisting almost entirely of blueberries. Oh yes....blueberries. He eats them like crazy and had a LOT of them today and I had the unfortunate luck to step in on a diaper that was 99.9% blueberries. Well, it didn't take me long to decide to just pop that kid in the bathtub rather then try to scrub the blueberry stain off his butt with diaper wipes, so I ushered the little naked one into the bathroom.

While I was running the tub, that little bugger peed on me. I looked down and there he is, just standing there shooting a stream all over the bathroom floor and on my feet. I thought Evan was going to die when he heard me yell from the bathroom, "Awww.....I just got peed on!!!" His laughter probably echoed all the way to Iowa. So, after getting peed on and scrubbing down Captain Blueberry Butt, it was finally time to put the boy to bed. I gratefully passed him over to Evan and settled in on the couch with my REAL SIMPLE magazine. But, it was not to be. His love for Mommy was insatiable and I set aside my magazine and took bedtime duty as well. After Isaiah was finally down for the night, I returned to my magazine and realized how freaking funny the whole thing really was.

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