Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Well, we did it! After Isaiah's afternoon nap yesterday, he "helped" me take it apart and move it into baby brother's room. We got it reassembled and even put on Baby's new crib bedding. Isaiah kept pointing to the crib and asking, "Ni night?" I said, "Yes, this is where the baby goes Ni Night" and he would say, "Baby?" It was so cute. So, his room was now sans crib and the first night in the big boy bed went about as well as we could have hoped! He went down smoothly around 8:15 and we didn't hear a peep from him until 2:00 am. I went in and comforted him, rocked him a bit, and put him back in his bed. He fussed for maybe 5 minutes and then all was quiet again. It's now 6:15, past when he's been waking up lately, and he's still asleep! Yay!!! Let's hope the following nights continue to go as well.

We're off to drop Isaiah off at the sitter's for the day while we go celebrate our anniversary! I'm looking forward to breakfast at the Pancake Cafe and then we'll grab an early movie. Not sure what else is on tap for after that, but Evan and I are looking forward to an enjoyable day together with no toddler in tow!

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