Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I've had a hand-written list sitting on the computer desk for a couple weeks now, but I guess it was time to post some of the items on my wish list up for all to see. I have some very practical items on my birthday wish list this well as a few "yeah right, I know I'll never actually get that" items. But, there's a big variety! If nothing else, I'll set some ideas in your head for Christmas or birthday next year perhaps. I've tried to give you a link to click on whenever possible.

  • Kindle - I blame Evan for this one. Ever since he told me about this gadget, I've really wanted one. You all know what a crazy reader I am and the idea of being able to carry literally hundreds of books around in a little electronic device....well, it gets my nerd alarm going off full blast. Too bad it's crazy expensive.

  • iPod Touch - Get this....I can get a Kindle app on the iPod Touch! Won't hold as many books and much smaller screen, but hey - it'll play music too. :-)

  • 55 mm - 200 mm lens for Nikon D40 - Bigger lens make me zoom better. Ooooo....

Ok, now on to the more realistic and practical options. Just as desired, but much more attainable and, let's face it, NEEDED.
  • Carpet Shampooer - I have a toddler, a dog, and a baby on the way. Need I say more? My carpet calls out for help!!!

  • Vacuum for basement - Once it actually gets finished and we actually get the flooring installed, I would really LOVE not to have to haul my heavy upstairs vacuum down there in order to clean up. A nice, lightweight vacuum with a long cord to keep in the basement utility closet would be wonderful!

  • Hooter Hider - Don't laugh! I really do want one of these!! I found it difficult enough to nurse Isaiah without trying to manipulate a blanket or something to cover my boob. This thing looks sharp and I would love to be able to nurse more discreetly and confidently.
Fire Pit - One of those free-standing numbers that we could use in our backyard if and when we ever get friends that actually want to come over and play.
Patio Furniture - So that said imaginary friends who come over to play and enjoy the fire pit actually have a place to sit and enjoy their brats and baked beans.
And, last but certainly not least: GIFT CERTIFICATES!! I am always A-OK with picking out my own presents. These would all be great choices:
  • Archiver's
  • Old Navy
  • The Shoe Box
  • Belly Bandit - Again, not a joke. I actually do want one of these. Please go with the gift certificate option so I can figure out my own size after I've finished expanding to the size of the Titanic.

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