Friday, July 3, 2009

Five Years

It's our fifth anniversary today! Hard to believe it has been five years already since Evan and I got married. I peeked at our wedding photo this morning and wow.....I was so skinny!!! But, like I told Evan the other day, once I'm done having kids it is "skinny time." Anyway, we've already taken care of gifts and done our day out to celebrate, so today itself doesn't really hold anything too out of the ordinary in store. In fact, I'm planning to leave shortly here to bring our recalled crib back to Target and return with a new one and Evan plans on mowing the lawn and working on the basement. Then I have to work tonight. Romantic, huh?

What is romantic is the letter I got to open this morning. It was behind our wedding photo in the silver frame we keep in our bedroom. It is a letter that Evan wrote to me only a few months after we got engaged (i.e. SEVEN years ago) with strict instructions not to open it until our 5th wedding anniversary. I'm not going to embarass him by writing much of it here, but I will tell you that it was a very sweet and personal letter that reminded us both how much we love each other.

In it, Evan asks a few questions:
Do we have children? You betcha! And he's awesome!
Have you graduated? Are you kidding? Did he really expect me to STILL be in school? Wait....don't answer that.
Do I still make bad jokes and then have to apologize? Not nearly as much as you used to, but yes.
Have you gotten me to think before I talk? No and I never will.
Have I gotten you to believe you actually are beautiful? Not fair to him here. I'm reading this at 7 months pregnant!

Far and away, this was my favorite part of the letter:
My one wish is for us to be as in love in 5, 10, or 15 years as we are now.
I was very happy to report to my husband that we are way more in love after 5 years of marriage then we ever thought we were seven years ago. I certainly join him in that wish for our next five years.

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