Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Food and Beer!

Yes, that's right folks! I said free food and free beer! That's what we offer when you generously come donate your time to come help us finish our basement before the baby is born! We need help drywalling (including mudding and sanding which I hear is Super-Fun!), laying flooring, painting, and moving stuff in. The baby is due September 17th and while I realize he won't really need a room all his own right way, it sure would be nice to be able to at least be close to being finished when he is born. Can you help us out please? Here are just a few of the dates we'll be working in the basement that we can use all the help we can get. Unless otherwise noted, we like to get started ASAP in the morning. I'll even feed you breakfast if that's what it takes!! :-)

We'll be adding more dates as we figure out people's availability.

  • Saturday, August 1st (after 3:00)

  • Saturday, August 8th

  • Saturday, August 22nd

  • Saturday, August 29th (after 3:00)

  • Any Sunday in August after 3:00

**NOTE: All September dates, of course, are subject to change should a baby make his arrival!

  • Saturday, September 5th (after 3:00)

  • Sunday, September 6th (after 3:00)

  • Every Saturday and Sunday from September 12th until it's done!!

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