Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Practically Perfect Day....except for that one thing.

It's going to sound very cliche and overly sappy, but we had a very normal, yet wonderful day here today. I actually almost overslept for work because I counted on Isaiah to be my alarm clock, but when Evan woke me up at 7:15, the Nugget was still asleep!! As it turns out, Evan went it to wake him up just before 8:00 am, only to find Isaiah wide awake in bed and tucked in under his covers, looking at a book. He turned when Evan entered the room and said, with a big smile, "Daddy!!" Evan said he can't remember ever starting off a day laughing so hard.

Meanwhile, we were actually pretty busy at work so the day went quickly and we made decent money. When I got home, both my boys were in a good mood and we got to relax for a little while before we went to play outside. Isaiah ran around by the flower bed and played with his Lightning McQueen car for a bit while Daddy worked on sorting out a few things in the garage. We really had fun when Mommy (me) decided to water the flower bed and our maple tree so the hose got busted out. Not only did Isaiah "help" me with the watering, but I made a game of spraying him with it if he got close and he just LOVED it!! After our playtime, we went to Rookies for dinner and the activity worked up an appetite in that kid because he ate a ton.

Back at home, things took a bit of a sour turn when Isaiah started messing with the utensil drawer. He pulled out a spatula or two and messed around with them for a while, but then grabbed out the meat thermometer. Pointy ends and toddlers = TROUBLE. He was told to put it away, but he didn't right away so Evan went in to put it away for him. Unfortunately, Isaiah turned to run away and ran face first (full speed) into the open drawer!! He cried for a couple minutes, but really didn't have any noticiable bumps or anything, so it must have looked (and sounded!) worse than it actually was.

After Isaiah was in bed, Evan enjoyed reading his book and I headed to the kitchen table to pound out two more scrapbook layouts! As you can probably guess, this first one is missing two photos: 33 week and 39 week belly photos. But, I've got the rest done, so all I'll have to do is glue in the photos once they're done and voila!

As for this next one, you'll have to visit my gallery to get a better look. Blogger kept uploading it rotated all goofy again, so this was the best I could do. It's a really simple layout, nothing fancy. Just wanted to highlight a couple super-cute pics of Isaiah munching on a Gummy Worm at Easter! Hope you enjoy!

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