Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Sticky, Adorable Mess!

How do you spell Fudgesicle? Is that right? The whole reason I didn't put it in the title was because I wasn't sure how to spell it....

Ok, back to the cute stuff. Isaiah was outside playing on Tuesday afternoon and having a grand ole time. Check out the photo of him with his little Lightning McQueen car. That thing plays some pretty annoying sounds, but it sure is cute! He's working on the last little bit of a treat we shared.....story below.
We still had some time before dinner (and I had a craving!!) so I grabbed a Fudgesicle - seriously, is that how it's spelled? - out of the freezer in the garage and Isaiah and I shared it. Well, once he had a taste or two of mine, he decided that he would really like to have one of his own. So, I grabbed out another one and bit it down to about only a quarter length or so. It didn't matter. Once that little boy started going to town on that thing, the Indiana Jones T-shirt was history.

Just look at it running down his arm!!! Oh, that boy was in HEAVEN, let me tell you.

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