Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still Bleeding!

Real quick post here. I brought Evan to the ER this afternoon due to a pretty serious cut he sustained on his left index finger while cutting drywall. Three hours later - don't even ask what I did with Isaiah during that time. Let's just say he needed a bath and was very cranky and tired! - they had him bandaged up and ready to go home with instructions to change the bandange in an hour and that if the wound had still not stopped bleeding, to come back to the hospital. Well, all instructions have been followed and that baby is still bleeding. He's also feeling very nauseous. So, unless something changes, he'll be bringing himself back to the hospital yet tonight.

Keep ya posted.

UPDATE: As of Monday afternoon, it looks like Evan is going to survive this ordeal. :-) The finger still looks pretty nasty, but the bleeding is under control. He stayed home from work today and has taken it pretty easy. Just a few minutes of one-handed weed pulling had his finger throbbing pretty good. It'll heal, but it's going to be pretty tender for quite some time. I wonder if his finger will be goofy shaped once it heals??

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