Thursday, July 2, 2009

We need a new crib!

In an unfortunate and unexpected turn of events, I just found out today that our crib has been recalled. The brand itself, Simplicity, has gone out of business due to the several recalls of cribs that have taken place over the last couple years due to infants dying. Up to this point, our model number hadn't been included in the recall, but the most recent incident ended up with an 8 month old suffocated to death due to a defective drop down side. I checked into it, and sure enough, our crib is one of the models to fall into this recall. Here is the link to the article on MSN that brought this to my attention:

According to this Consumer Reports website, I am supposed to return the crib to where it was purchased, but I know for a fact that I no longer have the reciept. We got it 2 years ago! Not to mention, I am certainly hesistant about trying this since all the comments on this website are from parents who are experiencing absolute hell in trying to return their recalled cribs to the retailer. I'm going to call the Target Guest Relations phone number and see what I can find out. Here is a website with horrifying photos of how my crib could malfunction:

Crap! Looks like we need a new crib!

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