Monday, August 24, 2009

Check-Up and Scrub Down

I went in to see the doctor this morning for my routine 36 week check up. (FYI - I am officially at 36 weeks, 4 days) After chit chatting with the nurse about my Kindle (we like to talk books), I was quickly transported into a major flash of deja vu when she took my blood pressure. Just like when I went in at 38 weeks with Isaiah, my blood pressure had spiked. I have been a pretty consistant 102-106 over 70s for my entire pregnancy, but this morning I was 118 over 85. The last time this happened, I was hooked up to an NST machine and two days later I had a baby! So, they took a urine sample to test for protein and Dr. Baker asked me to come back in on Wednesday to check on things. As for the rest of the check-up, I am actually measuring small this time around, so we pretty sure we're cooking up a small baby in there. I'm ok with that! I only gained 3 pounds in the past 4 weeks so I avoided a scolding, and the baby's head is down and in the "ready for launch" position! I'll know more about what to expect after I go back in on Wednesday, but there is definitely a nagging part in the back of my brain that is screaming "Please not yet!!! We're not ready yet!!!!" Realistically though....I'm thinking we've got some time.

I headed home after my appointment and got right to my project for the day - scrubbing down the nasty old refrigerator in the basement. The previous owners so graciously left it for us with a note saying that it worked fine, but needed a "good cleaning." They weren't kidding. This thing was NASTY!!! There was even a very old box of baking soda sitting in one of the shelves in the door in a pool of I don't know what kind of liquid. Ewwwww. It took me a good 2 hours to get it cleaned, but I just finished! I am now feeling about as nasty as that fridge orginially was, but I still have a lot of cleaning on tap for the afternoon. There is plaster dust EVERYWHERE due to the drywall sanding sessions over the past couple days, so it is my goal to at least get the kitchen, dining room, and living room scrubbed down before hitting the showers. I understand that there is going to be more dust spread about as Evan goes up and down the steps while trying to sweep up and get things ready for paint and carpet, but I need to do this initial cleaning or I'm going to go crazy. And that's saying something, considering I am hardly the meticulous housekeeper!

Oh yes....he's hoping to have the walls and ceilings primed and ready for paint by Friday! To keep to his ambitious schedule, I am heading to Menards on Wednesday to drop a couple hundred dollars on the paint, but I am so thrilled to be getting this close. We're shooting for the first week of September for the carpet to get installed. I can't wait until the paint and carpet are in because that is going to make such a HUGE difference! After that, all we'll have left to do is to paint and install the crown moulding (molding??) and baseboards and to move everything in. It's coming together!

Ok, enough stalling. Time to grab a bite to eat and get back to cleaning! At least I get to reward myself with a haircut tonight. Last one before baby comes!

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