Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Year

What a difference a year makes. As I find the month of August flying by me at lightning speed, I thought today about how much has happened in the last year. Last August, my son looked like this: And now today he is the darling, energetic, yet exhausting toddler I love to pieces that looks like this: A year ago, we were finally getting used to the idea of being a family of three and thought, "Hey, we've got a pretty good handle on this. Why not add another one?" It took some patience and prayer, but now here we are a year later about to welcome a second little blessing into our family:
Wow. Of course, I can't forget about what a difference a year has made in our basement! With all the time, blood, and sweat my husband, family and friends have put into this space, I am AMAZED at how far we have some. We are still plugging away at it and still hope to have it 90% complete before the baby arrives, but check out what a difference a year makes. After the flooding of 2008, our basement looked like this:

And here we are a year later with new walls, new electric, new drywall.....painting. On Friday, the carpet gets installed. In only a couple short weeks, I will be able to bring my toddler son downstairs to play in his brand new playroom and he will be able to show his baby brother all their toys! How exciting is that?? Thank you, from the bottom of both Evan's and my heart, for all the hard work so many of you have already put in to help us make this project a reality. When I was spending hours upon hours cleaning up the flood waters that had seeped in, I never thought we would get here.

There's going to be a lot of big, new changes for our family this September. Stay's going to be exciting!!

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