Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talking to Deer

My son said his first three word sentence today!! Up to this point I have been super-impressed with the linguistic skills required to create such masterpieces as "Bye Bubba!" and "Hi Daddy!" Nothing could prepare me for the sheer joy of hearing him say "There you go" as he fed corn to the deer at the Peck's Deer Farm this afternoon.(Sorry for the poor quality photo - all I had was my cellphone!) I showed him how to hold out a few kernels of corn in the palm of my hand and the deer would eat them, but he didn't really like to do it that way. He went back and forth to the corn dispenser for one kernel at a time and would hold it out between his fingers and say, "There you go" as he let the deer eat it out of his hand. Not only was I amazed at the sudden sentence construction, but I continued to marvel at how Isaiah shows absolutely no fear. Not once did he shy away from an animal, be it furry or feathered. He would walk by every single pen and wave and yell "Hi!!" as he checked everything out. Not bad fun for something to do to kill time on a Tuesday afternoon!

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