Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wet & Wild!

First things first. Howie and Sandy: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing Isaiah and I with such a super-fun day on Tuesday. Goodness knows that with everything we have going on right now, there is no way we could have done something like this without you and I want you to know how much Evan and I (and Isaiah) truly appreciated it!!
Isaiah and I got to spend the day at Mount Olympus Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells yesterday on an absolutely PERFECT (mid 80s, low humidity, sunny) day with some fabulous people: the in-laws!! Not everyone is blessed to have in-laws that they truly love, but I certainly am. My mother and father in-law are like a second set of parents to me and my sister in-law is certainly as dear to my heart as my own. In celebration of Howie & Sandy's anniversary and both my and Ashley's birthday, we all spent the day frolicking in the water and oooing and ahhhing at how cute Isaiah is. I managed to not get sunburned and had an absolute blast watching my son have an absolute blast. Here are some of my favorite photos from our day....hard to choose considering I took 246 photos!!

Nothing like the SPLASH!! at the bottom of a waterslide to make a fabulous photo!

Just because I am yawning and can barely keep my eyes open does NOT mean I am tired!

Post-nap and ready to run through cascades of water! Woohoo!

Like I mentioned, I took a TON more photos than this, but this is just a taste. Once again I am convinced that some of the best money we ever spent was on that Nikon D40 because I do love it so!

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