Monday, August 10, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair

This was the first time, in my memory, going to the State Fair and I had high expectations. I wanted to show my little boy a good time, complete with Giant Slides, food on a stick, cotton candy, horses, cows, the whole nine yards. What I didn't count on was the WEATHER. The entire drive to the fairgrounds, it was pouring. As we walked from our parking spot on the race track into the grounds, it was just coming down in buckets and we (me, Isaiah, my mom, Erica, and Chris) were getting soaked! Apparantly Isaiah was loving it and was having a ball splashing in the water that was collecting in his stroller tray, but I was NOT pleased. What do you get when you add rain to a very pregnant woman with curly hair and a hormonal problem? The answer: a very cranky (and frizzy) Mommy!! I could just see my fabulous fair day going right down the drain. I was prepared to deal with the heat and humidity, but not this.

We headed straight into the Exhibition Hall once we finally made it to the grounds. Of course, everyone else who was there had the same idea and it was plenty packed. While Erica wiped down Isaiah, I went to the bathroom and called Evan. After a tearful explosion of hormones and crabbiness, I composed myself and rejoined the group. We wrangled Isaiah into his stroller against his will and started to wander the seemingly miles of booths, selling everything from Shammy cloths and gaudy jewelry to roof shingles and shower heads. Erica and I managed to talk our mother out of buying a Yorkie purse, thank goodness! It took a little while, but Isaiah finally passed out and we peeked outside to find the rain had stopped. So, we headed out to check out the food!

Isaiah slept the whole time we were in the Central Mall area. Mom and I split one of the famous cream puffs and, I must admit, it was pretty darn good. I did decide against bring a 6 pack home with me though. The last thing Evan and I needed was a box of cream puffs on the counter. We really enjoyed seeing the Clydesdales in the Livestock Barn, but again.....Isaiah was completely out. He woke up pretty much right after we were done looking at the horses and then it was time for lunch!

Mom paid way too much for a gyro that was way too small, Erica and Chris scored some overpriced cheese curds and Isaiah and I shared some super-expensive chicken tenders and a very reasonable hot dog ($1). He ate the entire hot dog and a lot of the chicken, so this kid was ready to go with a full tummy by the time we headed out.

Our next adventure was the Giant Slide! I was all ready to bring Isaiah down that thing myself, but there was a sign clearly posted that advised expectant mothers against going down the slide. If I hadn't been as pregnant as I am, I probably would have still done it, but I didn't want my water breaking halfway down that thing. So, Aunt Erica stepped up to the plate and took Isaiah on the Giant Slide. She said she just caught air on every bump and was so scared of either losing her lunch or losing Isaiah! At the bottom, Isaiah stood up and squealed while clapping his hands and looked at Erica like, "Let's do that again!!" She, however, shook her head and the painful look on her face said, "No way, kiddo." I appreciate you taking one for the team, Erica. Thanks for doing that for him.

Things were really looking up. The rain had long since stopped so we were able to really enjoy ourselves. Isaiah alternated between riding in the stroller, walking, being carried, or riding on someone's shoulders - usually mine and sometimes Chris's. He was on my shoulders as we went through the animal barns and saw sheep, goats, and cows. He squealed in delight and clapped at them all. He just loved it! I even heard him say "Moo" in the cow barn! I did get some funny looks from people seeing a very pregnant lady carrying a toddler on her shoulder, but oh well! He enjoyed trying to cover my eyes too. Fun game!

In the 4H Discovery Barn, Isaiah got to see some more animals close up. Now, I realize that the sign in this photo clearly states that he should NOT be touching the horse. However, there was an attendant right night to the horse's pen that I asked about it and she said that as long as he washed his hands after he left the barn, it was just fine. So, he got to pet the horse!

As for my favorite part of the fair (FOOD!!!), I regret to report that we kept things pretty tame. Chris chickened out on trying the chocolate covered bacon on a stick and I decided against the chocolate covered cookie dough on a stick with sprinkles. I manged to stick to sharing the one cream puff, lunch with Isaiah, Blue Moon ice cream (my fave!), roasted corn on the cob, and a corn dog. Not too bad for a pregnant lady with food everywhere, right??

Once it started to rain again, Erica and Chris decided to head on home. Mom and I headed back to the Exhibition Hall to finish up our tour of the "useless crap for sale" under the cover of a building. However, we cut it short once my body started to quit on me. My feet had really started to hurt and my back and hips were exceptionally sore. So, we called it a day around 2:30. The rain let up just long enough for us to get about halfway to our car and then the heavens opened up and it came down in sheets!!! By the time we were safely strapped in to the car, all three of us were just drenched and Isaiah was certainly the better spirited of us.

Even though my ankles had swollen to the size of tree trunks by the time I walked in my front door, I am glad that we ended up with a good day at the fair. Isaiah had a blast and was as well behaved as I could have asked for. I hope Mom, Erica, and Chris has as good of a time as I did and I'm sorry for being cranky at the beginning. Frizzy hair will do that to me.

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