Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple of things

Just a couple of quick things to share with you all. It must be quick since I've got Isaiah sitting in my lap just DYING to pound on the keyboard and Micah is in his bouncy seat starting to get annoyed that I am not running right over to feed him!

1. The playroom is 99% completed! Evan and his parents got the drop ceiling installed this weekend and Evan finished it up on Sunday, complete with lights. He put in the trim around the doorways so all that's left is to touch up the paint around that trim. It looks so good I can hardly contain myself! The boys and I have already been down here twice today to play and Isaiah is enjoying making a massive mess. Evan says he figures there is only about a good day or two worth of work left for him to do before the basement is totally done, so we are nearing the finish line. Can't wait to show off the "after" shots of all three rooms!

2. Micah is growing like a weed! I seriously need to take some more pictures (like I need more, right?) because I cannot believe how different he looks already. The kid eats practically constantly and is packing on weight faster than I can fathom. He's going to be a chunker, I think.

3. I'm addicted to watching this video that Evan told me about. Not only is it super-cute, but Isaiah really digs watching it so he can shake his groove thang. Enjoy!

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