Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doctor's Report

WARNING!!! This post is going to be very boring!! My report from my checkup today is incredibly dull - there's nothing going on. I did another NST and the baby was happy as a clam in there. My blood pressure was back down to a good level and my protein levels were down as well. No crazy swelling or weight gain. Dr. B tried to check my cervix and strip my membranes, but I have a very posterior cervix and she has short fingers, so after just causing me some extreme discomfort for a few moments we gave up on that course of action. So, here I sit. Still very pregnant with 9 days to go until the official due date. I go back in again on Thursday and unless something changes, I will be back in the clinic again next Monday and Thursday before we start talking induction. Let's just hope I go into labor on my own before then!

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