Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Showtime!

I finally have something interesting to report! I started having contractions last night around 6:00 pm. Nothing major and only about every 10 minutes, but they were certainly there and were paired with some pretty gnarly nausea. I went to bed at 9:30, but woke up at 11:30 because the contractions were hurting pretty badly. By this point, they were coming every five minutes, so I figured something might be up. I hopped in the shower at midnight and figured if it kept up until 1:00 am, I would call the hospital. Woudn't you know it.....stupid contractions eased up by 12:45 and were gone completely by 1:30. I laid awake until 2:00 feeling like I had just been cheated.

Fast forward to this morning. Complete with goofy looking hair because I had showered at midnight, I was having zero contractions so I was hardly optimistic when I went to see the doc at 10:45. Blood pressure was good, protein levels good, baby's heartbeat sounded good. We decided to give checking my cervix another try and this time, she was able to reach it. As it turns out, I am already 4 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and the head has dropped down to +1 (meaning 1 cm PAST the pelvic bone). Dr. B looks at me and says, "Are you SURE you're not contracting????" Basically, the baby is so ready to be born that she is afraid that if I were to go into labor at home that our 30 minute drive to the hospital would be to far and I'd end up having a baby on the side of Hwy 78. So, here is the plan. I am waiting for a call right now from my doctor to see if Labor & Delivery can admit me today to get my water broken and get this show on the road. If they say no today, it's looking like tomorrow....unless I go into labor on my own, which is looking like a possibility since I have been having contractions off & on ever since she messed with my cervix.

Long story short: IT'S BABY TIME SOON!!!

UPDATE (6:20 pm) - L & D was not able to get me in tonight due to an induction in progress, but I am scheduled to go to the hospital at 7:30 tomorrow morning to get my water broken....unless I head into full blown labor on my own, that is. I've been having contractions since this afternoon, but they have been very irregular and not very intense, so I spoke to L & D and have decided to stay at home unless they become more regular and stronger. Or if my water breaks, obviously. In that case, we'll probably be going 80 up the highway to get to the hospital! Sounds like one way or the other, tomorrow is the day!

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