Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On My Own

Today is my first day home by myself with both boys. Evan and my mom have both been home with me since we got back from the hospital on Saturday and the extra help has been amazing. It's almost 10:00 am and so far so good! Micah is asleep in the swing and Isaiah just asked to go Ni Night. He's been gradually ditching his morning nap over the last couple weeks, but he woke up early today with a nasty head cold and has been acting tired all morning. I expect he'll probably just chill out in bed or have some quiet time in his room rather than an actual nap, but for a few minutes I can hop on the computer! :)

The overnight hours are all about survival right now for me. I have no idea about what to do to get Micah on an actual schedule, so I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. I set up camp in the living room each night and Micah sleeps either in his swing or in my arms. So far the basinette in the P&P has been no good at night for him. I do remember that we had Isaiah moved over to his crib by about 4 weeks old, so hopefully we will eventually repeat that success. Micah is a really good baby though. I can't get over how QUIET he is!! Isaiah was loud from Day One, but Micah is so quiet. He's only gotten a good cry going maybe twice so far and even that wasn't very loud and was very short lived. Maybe he's just getting ready to really surprise me.

Time to go check on the Toddler Terror! Wish me luck!

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